The truth about fat! What are good fats?

Are you afraid of fat in your diet? Then you're not the only one, but remember, your body needs good fats to stay healthy. Fat has always played an important role in our diet in the past, but with the rise of the low-fat and non-fat trend in Western Europe, the perception of fat has changed.

These days, fortunately, we are increasingly aware that not all fats are bad. In fact, our bodies actually need fats to function properly, and healthy fats in particular. The ketogenic diet, in which fats are a staple, is becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, more and more people want to know what kinds of fats are healthy.

But what exactly are fats, how do we distinguish saturated from unsaturated fats and how do we make sure we get enough healthy fats? In this article, we take a closer look at these questions and give you an overview of healthy fats and their benefits for our bodies.

Our ancestors

When humans were hunter-gatherers, fat played an important role in our diet. It was a source of energy and protection from the cold. It was also easy to gather and store for times when food was scarce.

However, with the rise of the modern food industry and the trend to eat low-fat foods, the perception about fats has changed. But fortunately, we are now starting to see more and more that fats, and especially healthy fats, are important for our health.

Below are our top 7!

  1. Avocado is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat and one of the best healthy fats at the same time! Avocado is known for being rich in monounsaturated fats, Avocados are also high in vitamin E, which helps fight free radicals, and improves the appearance of the skin. In addition, it is an excellent source of healthy protein, even more than any other fruit.
  2. Butter is a staple in many households, but not all types of butter are the same. While it is common to find margarine and other alternatives in the supermarket, real butter from grass-fed and organic sources is the right choice. Despite the negative image surrounding fats, the benefits of butter have been rediscovered and its popularity has once again increased.One of the main reasons to choose grass-fed butter is its high content of essential fatty acids, such as omega-6 and omega-3.

    These fatty acids play a crucial role in the proper functioning of the brain and maintaining good health. Unlike other nutrients, the body cannot produce these fatty acids and must rely on dietary sources to do so. In addition to the essential fatty acids, butter is also a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins and trace elements.

  3. Coconut oil is considered one of the healthiest oils to cook with because of its high content of medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are easily digested and not stored as fat, giving your cells a quick energy boost. When buying coconut oil, choose extra virgin varieties because they retain more health benefits compared to refined or processed oils.
  4. Eggs are a great source of protein and contain all the essential amino acids. Despite past misconceptions, eggs are not bad for your health. Eggs also contain choline, which is important for brain function, It is important not to eat just the protein, but the very yolk contains many nutrients and healthy fats. To get the most benefits, choose organic free-range eggs, which contain more healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Grass-fed, organic beef is another food source that contains healthy fats and protein. Grass-fed beef is superior to grain-fed beef because it contains more omega-3 fatty acids and CLA, In addition, grass-fed beef is considered safer because the use of antibiotics and hormones is less common.
  6. MCT oil, or medium-chain triglycerides, is a type of saturated fat that offers many health benefits. MCTs are easily digestible and boost metabolism, and many people add MCT oil to their morning coffee for a quick energy boost. MCT oil can be added to homemade salad dressings, smoothies and can be used as a substitute for some of the coconut oil in baking recipes.
  7. Whole dairy products, such as probiotic yogurt, raw milk and raw kefir, are great sources of heart-healthy fats. Probiotic yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that support gut health and improve digestion, Raw milk and kefir are a popular source of healthy fats and contain all vitamins, minerals and enzymes in their natural form with no added sugars or ingredients. 

Now that you know how important healthy fats are to our health, it's time to stock up on them! Make a visit to your local health food store, try new recipes with MCT oil, whole milk products and eggs and discover the surprisingly delicious flavors of healthy fats. Remember, healthy fats don't have to be boring!

And if you're still looking for a healthy and high-fat snack, try a cucumber or vegetable with some feta or fresh goat cheese. Or make your own homemade guacamole with avocados full of healthy fats. The point is, healthy fats are all around us, we just need to know how to find them.

Cheers to healthy fats!