(R)evolutionary Primal Supplements
for Health and Performance

Why choose us?

Unique Formulations

Only using ingredients that are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, to optimally nourish your body in line with your primal biology.

Rich in nutrients

Based on paleo principles, natural synergy & out of the box thinking, we try to surprise you with unique, innovative and highly effective products.

High quality

Over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in the health and nutritional supplements industry. Transparency and quality are our watchwords.

Hunt and gather

Our Philosophy

Organs are definitely the most nutritious sources on earth. You can get over 100 times more nutrients from organs than from lean muscle meat! Organs contain everything your body needs to thrive: vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins and growth factors. 

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors, and even many generations after them, ate far more organ meats than we do today. That is why our ancestors were strong and vital and survived generation after generation in the harshest environments in the world. 

Our Story

Paleo Powders® formulates products on the basis of whole foods, high nutritional values and (r)evolutionary principles. Our food supplements support you if you want to thrive better and function more in harmony with your primal biology. Just like your early ancestors!

The world you live in today is completely different from the world we developed as Homo sapiens. The food we eat and the nutrients we need are clear examples of these huge differences.

Our former natural environment and today's man-made reality do not overlap in very many ways. Therefore, it is not always easy to provide the right nutritional requirements to thrive and lead a lively life.

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