At Paleo Powders®, we formulate products based on whole foods, high nutritional values and (r)evolutionary principles. Our food supplements support you if you want to thrive and function optimally in harmony with your primal biology. Just like your early ancestors!

The world today is completely different from the world in which we evolved as Homo sapiens. The food we eat and the nutrients we need are clear examples of this huge discrepancy. Our former natural environment and today's man-made reality do not overlap in very many ways. Therefore, it is not always easy to meet the right nutritional requirements to thrive and lead a lively life.

Because you are no longer eating nose-to-tail, choosing wild local plants or being unable to find organic freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetables, your body is not getting enough or the right natural nutrients, energy and information it needs to function. This makes you less robust, less upbeat and less healthy! You know it, you feel it and you see it. Fortunately, you can do something about it!

At Paleo Powders®, we aim to give you, the modern man, back what you intrinsically need in a practical, logical and high quality way. This allows you to be the best version of yourself. Our products are based on nature and compatible with your ancient biochemistry and DNA. They provide an excellent foundation for health and performance.

Because everyone is just as different inside as outside, we do not approach "Paleo" in a dogmatic way. We leave room for new developments, biochemical individuality, personal opinions and personal tolerances. Paleo Powders® products fit seamlessly into the modern age, but provide the natural nutritional value of the past.